Another visit to the northern germany refuge is coming up! I have a shitload of ideas on my mind that I want to realize, I have two weeks of time and I am highly motivated.

Aaaand I’ve been a nastily lazy person lately. Let’s see how much I’ll be able to accomplish… 🙂





  • Fix the wobbling paving stones at the entrance door
  • Repair the wood shed roof
  • Gather paving- and cobblestones in the garden and sort them
  • Remove remnants of the old brick grill
  • Change all outside lightbulbs for LEDs
  • Recalibrate motion detectors
  • Mount outside water faucet thingy


  • Fi-nal-ly mount the lamp for the living room countertop
  • Build a dust separator for the shop
  • Install venting hole in the door to technical room
  • Fix the last electrical installation issues in the shop


  • Set the garden path borders in concrete
  • Fill remaining beds with bark mulch