I have the sneaking suspicion that a little mouse might dwell in the attic in the northern germany refuge… Faintly low, scratching noises can be heard from above at night and the cat is closely monitoring the ceiling from below for minutes. I’ll try to catch Jerry with this simple contraption and set him free on the fields near my house.

It looks like fresh from the scrap yard (well… it actually IS) and cost me nothing at all. The principle is widely available in loads of variations all across the internet but here’s how it works again.

The plastic bottle is mounted on an axis across the bucket, so it can rotate freely. It’ll be prepared with some nutella as a bait, so the little critter, lured by the tempting scent of the chocolate spread will crawl up the small ramp, eager to indulge in a delicious nut-and-chocolate dream, thus scrambling onto the bottle and – woooosh – tumbling errandly fall into the bucket.

Materials: Old bucket, wire coathanger, plastic bottle, piece of wood. Done. I’ll report here if it works 🙂