Town Names…

I’m here in the northern germany refuge at the Moment, and the town names around here in the north make me giggle more than often. For example that firetruck on the image is from the “voluntary fire brigade” of the town of – literally(!) – “Lentil Stew”  🙂

De-Construction Work in the Northern Germany Refuge

So today they removed the part of the wall that’s going to be the new kitchen counter. There’s a super cool wood trading company only a short distance away, where I plan to purchase a solid slab of wood for the countertop.

Sunset in the Northern Germany Refuge

(No text. Just beauty.)

Spam Protection

My Spam Filter (Akismet for WordPress) protected me from 310 spam comments today. I know that’s not sooo much (and yes, I do feel lucky!) but anyway, I’m glad someone did the filtering work for me.


The occasional photo of the lady of the house… 🙂

Tree Work in the Northern Germany Refuge

So the tree guys are doing their business around the new house. Felling the dead oaks professionally and thinning out everything, so the other trees can grow better and strong again. I could never have done this on my own and without their heavy equipment and special knowledge. These guys are cool, they work hard and they know what they’re doing.

The Art of Manliness: The Prisoner Workout

 For everyone like me who is too lazy or too busy to hit the gym regularly, here’s an interesting article on how to exercise at home.It’s a bodyweight-workout, no fuss and effective and it doesn’t require any equipment (thus “The Prisoner Workout”). I’m doing this at the moment and I hope i will keep it up. 

I generally recommend that site: The Art of Manliness

Homemade Vicks Rub

Since I’ve been really sick as fuck with a tenacious cold these days, here’s a formula for a homemade Vick’s Rub (german: “Wick VapoRub”). I used fragrant oil that I had at hand at home and it works.

– 1/2 cup coconut oil
– 10 drops eucalyptus oil
– 5 drops peppermint oil

Mix thoroughly and store in a tight container. Found here.

Le Fuc…

So it finally caught us. I don’t like winter… 🙁

Beautiful Autumnal Landscape

I might be a little over-excited about what I’ve done lately, but this is some of the surrounding landscape of the Northern Germany Outpost (“NGO” 🙂 ). Beautiful, isn’t it?


I did a Thing…

Signed the contract yesterday! I finally bought a house in a very beautiful, rural and quiet area in northern germany. Now imagine how fed up I am with the big bad city, that I – a cocksure born and raised bavarian – am at least partially moving up to the north… 🙂



here in Munich today. Friggin’ hot and muggy.


Imagine living in a formerly free country and having to use TOR to access websites that cannot provide service in the EU anymore because of the GDPR. No, I don’t want to buy any drugs or guns. Examples:

… (and surely many, many more). Thanks, german-green-party Mr. Albrecht.

European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Yeah! Today is the the day! How happy we all are. Today the “European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)” comes into force… I have an opinion on this and I’ll just quote again here what I already wrote on my privacy page.

So the lunatics in the european commission now make private site owners like me provide a several pages long privacy policy. …Because of Facebook reasons… you know… Don’t get me wrong: I do explicitly favor privacy on the Internet, but as usual the EU-Government overdoes it massively. IMHO, that Law is just another example of the usual green-party-inspired ridiculous EU wet dream.

Edit: Here’s a great Article on the topic on “Tichys Einblick” (german language), a well respected german political blog. It says it all.

Instant Noodles

Since I’m a grass widower these days: These are the BEST instant asian noodles that I know (and that are widely available in Germany).

Tasty, easy and convenient – grubbed some of them just minutes ago. Available at your least distrusted supermarkets all over the country, or over here.

No, they don’t pay me for this.

Someone made Contact…

…to me because of my Drying Box. First of all, of course I feel honored by that. Second, he’s a fellow bavarian and a real, professional pianist which I find very cool! Pay him a visit here.

I got married!

Just wanted to tell the world I’m married for 48 hrs now and still happy with it! 🙂


I’ve got a brandnew helipad in my garden!

No, just kidding. It’s the pattern that my firepit left when I used it on my bachelor’s party lately. Looks cool.

My favorite Fishing Spot

My favorite fishing spot two weeks ago in early spring, 07:30 in the morning. Just wonderful.

Spring is here!

Man! It’s so good to do do some garden work and have some time in the sunshine without freezing to death the very instant you step out of the door! We have 18 °C today! (And yes: That’s a beer 🙂 )

Onset of Winter

So we have a sudden return of Winter here in Bavaria. -8 °C in the morning. Man, I hate that.

Willys Jeep

Look at this beautifully restored Willys Jeep at the local gas station some time ago.

Fallout 4

As I have the time at the moment, I’m finally able to play some Fallout 4 again. I already loved Fallout 3 and I love #4 just as much. Man, I’m almost neglecting myself… 🙂

300 posts!


I don’t care if it’s only 08:00 am here. I want dis. So badly. Now.

English Language Knowledge: Capitalization

Since I’m not a native speaker and my days of english lessons in school have long been over, I’m doing it just plain wrong sooo often: Fu***ing Capital letters in english.

Perspective drawing

Perspective drawing trick. This is SO cool!

Angry Marine 🙂

One of my best friends is a reservist. He got his brand-new helmet last week.

(And normally he is a perfectly friendly person).

Offroad Training Day

Had an offroad driver training on saturday, together with my best friend Thomas. It was my first time under “controlled conditions” with an experienced instructor who definitely knew what he was doing. I’d never have thought what little Juri is capable of. It was challenging, straining, educational and FUN.

Jump starting a car

And since it was a thing these days as well, here’s a simple diagram on how to jump start a car.

“Red on dead, red on donor. Black on donor, black on metal”.

Additionally, I strongly recommend a power pack like this one for your garage. It is small, practical, affordable and easy to store. And it can really save your sorry ass when you’re in a hurry.

Cleaning the fireplace

Burning a soot cleaning agent in the fireplace. Wonderful colors.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas… 🙂

Destroyed Multitool

Uaaahhh! This IS sad! I dropped my “Gerber Crucial” Multi Tool from the Balcony today. That one Tool that I really always carried with me. Damn! It was a Fall from about 3.5m height on stone ground – but it was felt 10m of course…

The “Dead Dreams Cash Can”

This is my “Dead Dreams Cash Can”. It’s just a tea tin where I put all my small change, and somewhere down the road I bet it’ll help me to do things that I’ve missed in the past.

My first nude!!! Thorax X-Ray

This guy’s cat is so cool!


Took Finch on her first camping trip for my birthday this weekend. If everyone who liked or reblogged my cat-camping photos donated $1, my Kickstarter could be funded twice! Join me and together we’ll Explore the Unimaginable (click the link!)


A place of solace

Found a very pleasant “inner courtyard” today (is that the correct word?). In the middle of the city and, despite that, completely quiet. Lovely.

Cool Bike

Cool bike around the corner from where I live.

Botanical Garden, Munich

Unfortunately it rained when we wandered through the outside section of the garden, but I got at least a few nice shots.

Botanical Garden, Munich (Mushrooms Exhibition)

Paid a visit to our local botanic garden to see their mushroom exhibition. Partially I got really hungry.

My favorite fishing spot

My favorite fishing spot


Juri, my car, my “spare” car. A 2011 Lada Niva Taiga 1.7. Never completely ok, but also never really broken. Has mastered everything that i demanded from him.

2011 Lada Niva 1.7i M “Taiga” 4×4, Model 21214, Injection



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