Knife making

Another Knife Making Crib Sheet

So I found this on the Internet – english terms for knife parts:

Parts of an Anvil

Another interesting info image with the english terms for a german DIY-er. Taken from here.

Metallurgy Facts

I found this post on metallurgy on Tumblr and thought I’d share. For me as an amateur knife maker, this is very interesting!

“The Hunted”

I made this one in 2014 (I wonder why I never posted it) for a friend of mine. It’s modeled after the knife in the Film “The Hunted” (2003). He wished for it and I tried my best. 

More on knife making

I found the time to work on the new knives a little, so I made some parts for the handle of the smaller one. It’s Bone -> Rosewood -> Guitar-Pickguard-Material -> and for the Rest I’m not sure yet. 

Angle Grinder Jig

This is another approach on grinding bevels to my self made knives. It consists of an angle grinder connected to an adjustable arm with a ball joint at the end to allow it to move freely. It can be set to multiple grinding angles and it’s swinging radius is also big enough for large blades.

Some knife making progress

I was finally able to continue work on the two knives still in the queue last weekend. Ground the bevels, smoothed the edges and drilled the holes for the handles. I also grabbed some material for the handle pins.

Self Made Bevel Grinding Jig

I made myself a reasonable jig for grinding bevels on my knives. It’s very hard to do that with bad or wiggly jigs (that I had before) and – for a non-smith like me – virtually impossible to do only by hand. This is the result:

Axe makover

O.K. Call me mad… nuts… crazy… I want to try an Axe-makover. I had this hatchet lying around in my garage, cheap, blunt, neglected and dirty. Aaaand I want to turn it into some object resembling a viking battle-axe (something looking roughly  like this).

Knife progress


Had a little time off yesterday and continued grinding the new blades. Just some small spots left on each one to adjust, which I’ll probably do by hand.

Finally! Started working on a new Knife!

On two knives to be exact and I began the rough shaping today with the angle grinder. Both of them are going to be made from the carbon steel that I have here and that I always use (“1.2842” or “90MnCrV8”).


I also made a Karambit for named friend in the last two weeks as a christmas present (since he’s practicing Escrima). This is the finished thing.

New knives

I was SO looking forward to finally beginning a new knife (ok, or two)! The whole shop smells of scorched cow-leather, for I managed to burn one of my gloves with the flying sparks of the angle grinder…

Knife sharpening

Fi-nal-ly I found the time to sharpen my kitchen knives. I hate dull blades when cooking.

Steve’s kitchen knife

A new kitchen knife for one of my best friends, Steve. It has become rock-hard and razor-sharp, and I hope it will really serve him well for a long time!

Blade shapes

Good overview for a knife maker (professional or not). I don’t know anymore where I got this from, so if anybody’s pissed because I used his content please leave me a note and I will of course remove it.

Flos knife is done!

Finally done! I don’t know if one can see it on the pictures, but it’s the coolest Bugger I’ve ever made. VERY proud.

Knife making again

Finally some Knife making again. The first Knife only etched and oiled, no Polishing at all. Looks “tactical”…

Jep. Fucked up.

Ruined these two while grinding. Different Steel so I did learn a little on how to have an eye on the blade… Annoying, but shit happens.

Friction folder

First try on a “friction folding knife”. Let’s see.

“Twin” Knife

Finally done: The two knives for my hunter-cousin. I’m curious about what he will say.

MY knife

Finally a knife that i made for myself. My new fisherman’s knife (according to my needs) is finally done and sharpened.

Knife making update

The new knives for friends and siblings.  I’m working on them.

More knives

Some knives for various “customers”, ready for hardening. I hope i will get these done in the next few days.

Finally, a decent forge

My brand new gas forge! I’m really excited about it because it’s a professional tool, heavy, sturdy and neatly worked.

Blade hardening

Blade hardening at night with my home made coal forge.

Kitchen knife, next try

Next try on a new kitchen knife. It’s working out good until now.

Kitchen knife for my sister

The first kitchen knife is done. I’m not yet fully content with it, since the comparably thin blade got some flaws from hardening and i find it’s still not sharp-edged enough.

Next two done.

Finally, the next two done. One of them is for a friend of mine.

Some knife making again

Preliminary results.

Heat treating an blade…

Heat treating and cooling a knife blade.

Leather knife sheath

Continuing work on the sheath for a blade I made for a friend.

Knife for my friend Markus


New knife project

New approach for a sturdy working knife. Knives are tools.

Gogos knife

A birthday present for one of my best friends.

Kydex Press

Homemade press for making Kydex sheaths.

My second homemade knife

Second one done. Surely not perfect – but self made. *Proud*. Pictures of the first one are lost (and that’s not such a pity).

Charcoal forge

Charcoal forge made from scrap. Costs: 0,00 $, Fun factor: 100%, Functionality: 110%. It took: an old waste bucket (IKEA), an old soon-to-be-discarded steel wok, a length of drain pipe and a hairdryer.

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