I’ll just leave this here. I can’t help it… One ugly-looking, super-happy good boi!


The occasional photo of the lady of the house… 🙂

I’ll just leave this here 🙂

The Lady of the House: Gattina Picture Compilation

So here’s an image-collection of my big, beautiful, bulky and brave still-a-kitten Lady of the House “Gattina”. A german slang word for a cute small kitten is “Maunzele” (“Meower”) and that’s what I still call her – and “Gattina” is Italian for “Kitten” – that says it all, although she’s really more of a “Big…

New Cat on the Block

My stepbrother got a new housemate! Cute little fellow.

I’m glad everybody is hard at work

The Lady of the House

May I introduce to you: “Gattina” my most beloved and precious Lady of the House. Unofficial Head of State in my dwelling, cheerer-up in bad times and general scurrying-around sunshine. We found her 11 years ago under a bush in Italy, abandoned by her mother, skinny, sick and hungry and we slowly pampered her back…


Welcome Carl. Carl is chilled the whole day, nibbling on some algae, hitching an occasional free ride on the back of a snail and generally hanging around with his friends Al, Gus, Sam and Dick. Be like Carl.

Fishtank Weather

After changing some water today, I added a liquid filter medium to the tank that I heavily rely on (EasyLife flüssiges FIltermedium, on Amazon). Always looks like a cloudy november morning for some hours.

DIY Fishtank Vol. 2

The small Nano Tank that I set up two weeks ago proved just too small. It’s too hard to maintain a good water quality with so little water in the tank and also it got too much direct sunlight wich made algae growth literally skyrocket. So I set up a new tank with more capacity…

DIY-Fish-Tank Population:

Now this is the population that I have dwelling in my Self-made Nano-Fish-Tank. Even the cat approves:…

Nano Fishtank DIY Build

Since there are mere shitloads of “Nano-Fish-Tanks” available online nowadays and me having been an old fish-lover for years, I decided to make my own tank from materials that I had still lying around….

Gattinas kennel

So i made a “cat kennel” for my little lady. She loves it so much – sitting in there, napping a little and diligently observing all that’s going on around her from her “safe place”.

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