Amazing Flammkuchen

I had a phenomenal “Flammkuchen” for dinner yesterday in a nice and cozy little restaurant here in the area. (Flammkuchen is a kind of french pizza, with a very thin bottom topped with sour cream, onions and bacon). A flaky, crispy bottom with very delicious topping, all hot and fresh from the oven! Visit Cafe Waldhuuske if you’re in the area, they’re very nice people and they make great food!

Nature Impressions

A wonderful walk in the area of “Este” creek near the town of Tostedt, northern germany. Such beautiful nature, soothing and refreshing at the same time. Cat tax included 😀

Countryside Impressions May 2020

Some impressions from the northern germany countryside. So beautiful, quiet and calm. I already miss it.


I got the “William Shatner Seat” on my flight yesterday 🙂 Short version of an explanation: This is the seat where the crew has the best view on the wings, should the situation make it necessary. A full explanation can be found here.

Tower Bridge

My best friend went to London these days to visit some friends of his. He sent me this beautiful image of the Tower Bridge.

Dry Aged Meat again

I had a really good Rib Eye Steak yesterday evening at the “Dorfkrug” here in the area. This what they have on display in the entrance room.

Palmenhaus, Vienna (Austria)

An image of the “Palmenhaus” (Botanical Garden) in Vienna that I took years ago. It’s a beautiful destination for a trip!

Tourist Information:

Town of Feldberg

This is the town of Feldberg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, with its iconic steeple. I love this place very much for its nature, quietness and beauty. My wife was there yesterday for family reasons and I’m very much longing to get there again as well.

Juri on the Road

My “good boi” at the local gas station at the northern germany refuge. Running smoothly and reliably, I like him more than ever.

Beef Cut Chart

Here’s a nice overview of beef cuts, displayed on the wall of a nice restaurant (“Beef Kitchen“) where we had dinner last night.

6 Hints on camping for the first-timer

Hint #1: RV or Caravan?

A very basic decision… I’ve tried both and I, personally, came to the following conclusions: If you want to explore the surroundings of your campsite or destination extensively, a caravan should be the vehicle of your choice. You can just leave it on the campground and drive around with your car freely.

On the other hand, if you’re more of the “round trip guy” (as I am) an RV is clearly the better decision. It’s easier and faster to set up and dismount, it’s normally more spacious and often better equipped. But you have to take it with you every time you need a ride. Whereas, as a ride it’s far simpler to move and to handle than a car and trailer. Just take a bike with you for short distances.

Dry aged Meat

I was on holidays these days, visiting relatives. Yesterday, the last evening, we were at a local restaurant, having a great steak, roasted potatoes and beer. This was their dry aging cabinet, showcasing their beef… Holy fu**ing cow!

Huge Grill

A friend of mine is on holidays in Crete, Greece. Look at this awesome barbecue he had!

Using a compass

Found an interesting Infographic here.

Some of my favourite german Campgrounds

Since I’ve been asked “where do you go camping“, here’s a small list. I’ve visited all of these and can verify they’re clean, nice and reasonably priced.

If you want to visit some pretty parts of germany by RV, these are good bets.




Trailer Weight Distribution

I don’t know where this video is from, but it’s very interesting, especially for campers.

Northern Germany Tour 2018 #2: Baltic Sea

The second part of the Journey was the baltic sea with the two locations Zierow and Neukirchen far up in the north.

Northern Germany Tour 2018 #1: Mecklenburg Western Pomerania

The first part of our “Northern Germany Tour” this summer. I like the eastern german region of Mecklenburg Vorpommern very much – gorgeous nature with beautiful forests and clear lakes and very thinly populated.

As usual we visited the area of Feldberg Lake District, around here.



My “Grab’n Flee” Kit

This is what I always have packed in a convenient pouch in case “I just want to get out of this shit”. Just grab this, money, a jacket and a toothbrush and get the hell out of here.

Foldable Traveling Grill

Here’s the foldable travel grill that we used when we were camping these days. It’s durable, lightweight and space-saving. Also, it’s by far large enough for two people and absolutely no fuss to set up. I got mine from here.

Revised: RV Tank Cleaning: How-To and Product Review

Since I fucked up the last post on RV Tank Cleaning, I’ll try to correct that here and now. After 1 1/2 years of not using the RV I had to clean and disinfect the water tanks thoroughly and, while thinking I bought the product I used before, I actually got a different one. This was a little bit more complicated than the one used before, so I I’ll describe here how it worked:

RV Tank Cleaning: How-To and Product Review

In order to get everything ready for the road, I also had to clean the RV’s water tanks. I didn’t use it at all last year, so a thorough treatment is appropriate and important (nobody wants to have to deal with Montezuma’s revenge…:-) ) Here’s what I did:

Edit: It’s all Bullshit. I described the product that I used before (never post before you actually did it!), but the new product that I bought now works differently. I only realised when I had it in my hands. New review here

Road Trip Planning 2018

I’m planning to finally go on another road trip again this summer – I need this so fu***ing badly. So, in the progress of planning, preparing and organizing everything, I’ll try to post here what I do. Perhaps some of you can relate or even take the one or the other hint. This will be updated irregularly. 

Countryside Impressions

Some impressions from the countryside in northern germany (lower saxony, near Hamburg). It is, well, flat…

Countryside in Northern Germany

Finally, I too can post an image of the countryside where I am right now.

My RV spring checklist

So I did finally manage to have my RV examined yesterday. Here’s my personal checklist that I always try to complete after the winter.

My RV packing list

Okay… since it’s January and I will definitely NOT need it in the next months, I finally updated my RV Packlist. Man, I’m SO looking forward to getting on the road again.

Schäufele – yummy

Aaand this is “Schäufele”, a very delicious traditional frankonian dish which is a type of bone-in, roasted pork shoulder. The bone itself looks (with some good will and imagination) like a shovel, hence the name which literally translates to “little shovel”.

Frankonia tour

The second part of the trip took me to the region of Lower Frankonia at the shores of the river Main (more exactly the town of “Sommerach”). The area is renowned as a wine producing region and for its idyllic landscapes and small cottages. I was born in this part of Germany and thus I was glad to pay a visit.

East germany tour

Finally I was able to have some holidays. Took a trip with the RV through germany – that turned out a little shorter than expected, but was still nice. These are Photos from the city of Bautzen in the region of Lusatia (“Lausitz”) in eastern Germany. Very nice place and a charming medieval inner city.

Usedom, northern germany

The Island of Usedom, Baltic Sea, northern Germany.

… and the corresponding garden

Old garden photos:

Sunset in Western Pomerania

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, northern Germany – my favourite: The “Great Lake” in the town of Fürstenwerder.

Some restrooms

The Restrooms in “Hundertwasserhaus” in Vienna, Austria.

Years ago…

Motorcycling about 15 years ago with my best friend.

Camping trip

Impressions from Camping in “Mecklenburgische Seenplatte”, north-east Germany. Beautiful Landscape, beautiful Lakes and delicious Food.

Longing for holiday

A point of peace for me that I really miss.

Skivvy roll

I found this great step-by-step to creating a skivvy roll. This looks like it would be great technique to use for packing a Bug Out Bag (or B.O.B.). Thanks to Creek Stewart for letting me share this with you all. Check out the original post in the link below, it has tons of other strategies for achieving a lighter Bug Out Bag.

Found here, so convenient!


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