On two knives to be exact and I began the rough shaping today with the angle grinder. Both of them are going to be made from the carbon steel that I have here and that I always use (“1.2842” or “90MnCrV8”).

The one is what I like to call my new “Outdoor-Knife“. I wanted another sturdy and suitable knife for hiking, camping and fishing etc. that can actually stand up to some real work (and I wanted it to look good to me).

The other one is a gift for a guy that I know. It’s going to be a “Hirschfänger” (literally a “Deer Catcher” – I don’t even have the slightest clue what this is called in english). It’s a traditional knife from Bavaria, Southern Germany, that people carry when wearing their traditional dress.

BTW: The cooling water in the container besides my belt grinder makes funny ripples when the grinder is running 🙂