So I made a tabletop fireplace for my SO these days (she likes shit like that):

It’s made from an aluminium flowertray with a suitable metal can glued in the middle with JB-Weld (a substance that I highly recommend!). I luckily found most of the materials in my garage.

I wanted to give it some substance, so that it doesn’t topple over at the slightest touch. That’s why I added some gravel to it for weight that I glued in with a little Epoxy. I filled it up with some decorative pebbles from the DIY-Store and now it can either hold a common household fuel paste container as well as my homemade alcohol burner (it even comes with a lid to kill the flames).

No real work, no real effort, and it makes a beautiful light when friends are over for a barbecue and conversation goes on deep into the night.