Just by pure chance I got myself a new knife today. To be honest, I don’t really need it in any way but I liked the form of the blade and the sturdy blade guard. The handle wood is really nice and it fits my hand perfectly.

It’s a full tang belt knife from the german manufacturer “Puma Tec“, Solingen. The material is 420 stainless Steel (also called “swedish steel” in geman), sandblasted, with carved sandalwood handle scales.

Thus, compared to all the hyped modern steel types, it is surely not a high-tech item but 420 is still a valuable material for knives, surely sturdy enough for what I’ll use it for and also easy enough to re-sharpen. Unfortunately, according to german laws the blade length of 125 mm keeps me from carrying it with me except for going fishing.

Nonetheless: Good day 🙂