Since there are mere shitloads of “Nano-Fish-Tanks” available online nowadays and me having been an old fish-lover for years, I decided to make my own tank from materials that I had still lying around.

I plan to populate it with shrimp and some snails. Technically, I have installed a Hamburger Mattenfilter (a “Hamburg-Mat-Filter-System” – see below), a small LED-lighting and a small heater, which should each be enough for such a small tank. Let’s see how it works out.

Population planned:

6 Red Neon, Brasilian
Piano-Snail, Thai

“Hamburger Mattenfilter”:

I can’t find a suitable translation for this, sorry. It’s an air-powered filter system for small tanks that works as follows: An Air intake behind a filter pad draws the water inside the filter area and then upwards back into the tank (see Image 2), which is enough for small amounts of water to be filtered sufficiently. Idea taken from here: (german language). Benefit is: You don’t have to clean it for long periods of time, just clean its surface every once in a while when doing your rotational tank cleanup.

Used Items:

  • Old 30 x 20 x 20 cm Fish Tank (that is about 12 ltr.) with a 1 cm camping mat underlay
  • Gravel, some Plants, some Wood, some shale stone (from the Garden, from old supplies, etc.)
  • Filter Mat, Water conditioner, Filter starter, Plant fertilizer (from my local supplier)
  • Small Heater
  • Some Pipes and an Aquarium Pump (→ Amazon)
  • Small LED-Illumination (→ Amazon)

… more to come when it’s up and running completely.