Yesterday I made smoked sea salt. I saw a dude on the interwebz using some on a flank steak these days and it looked delicious. So I wanted to try it too.

It’s fairly easy and not so much work. Using my self made tabletop hot smoker, it took around 30 minutes altogether. I used:

1 heaping cup of sea salt (divided to two levels in the smoker)
3 tbsp. of smoking splints with juniper 
1 filling of ethyl alcohol for the burner (lasts for about 25 minutes)

Just add the sawdust to the smoker, spread the salt evenly on the smoking grates layered with parchment paper and light it up. When it stops smoking (thus, when all the sawdust has burned off) your’re basically done. Let it cool and store in a tight container. I’m looking forward to trying it on a steak.