I’m planning to finally go on another road trip again this summer – I need this so fu***ing badly. So, in the progress of planning, preparing and organizing everything, I’ll try to post here what I do. Perhaps some of you can relate or even take the one or the other hint. This will be updated irregularly. 

First, two older posts with my favourite checklists: Concerning the car itself (My RV-Checklist) and concerning what to pack (My RV packing List)

Unfortunately – since the RV was standing unused for a while – water system sanitation will be a point: Here’s a great article (from a well-known german RV Blog, thus german language only) on how to clean the water pipes that I will follow.

The next mental note on my list is at least some kind of rudimentary intrusion prevention here, here and here. Since the crime rate in germany has risen massively in the last three years due to our government’s politics, this will unfortunately also be inevitable for me. I’m also thinking about installing a safe in a hidden place.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like to have some plain and simple paper maps on hand (you know, the bedsheet-sized ones…) While navigation systems are more than convenient, I like having the big picture in front of me when planning the next route. German automobile association “ADAC” offers a great variety here.

Also, I have some camping-related smartphone apps installed that I find useful: ADAC “Maps” (Android and iOS), “Breakdown-Service” (Android and iOS) and “Foreign-Country-Helper” (Android and iOS). Promobil “Stellplatz-Finder” (Android an iOS)