So I got hands on a beer tap for my kitchen, for parties and when friends drop in for a drink. I’ve got a “Philips Perfect Draft HD3620” from (as usual) Amazon:










Let me tell you: That shit works! It serves perfectly cooled beer, ready to draw from the tap with no effort – and it even looks good! It accepts specially designed 6-l-Kegs wich are easy to install and to change but are a little expensive. Unfortunately they’re not readily available in most stores, but I was lucky – my preferred gas station carries them. Some Specs:

  • 6 l of Beer (1.6 gal.)
  • Reliably cools to the recommended drinking temperature of exactly 3°C (37°F)
  • Beer level indicator
  • Beer freshness indicator for 30 days (What a laugh! As if 6 l of beer could ever last for 30 days… 🙂 )
  • Elaborate tap with pressure control – works perfectly
  • Easy to clean (just rinse with water thoroughly)
  • Pleasant design, silent and unobtrusive

I’m really excited about this gadget, but be warned – this is a dangerous appliance: It doesn’t only give you delicious beer, it’s also fun! You’ll drink lots of beer.