I got myself an indoor growlight for getting my favourite self grown plants over the winter properly… Well, I don’t think this was my greatest flash of genius ever: First of all, the room looks like a cheap whorehouse now – I totally mis-estimated the light color. Second, it has a cooling fan with a low, but annoying sound. I’ll test it for a couple of days and then decide how I’ll proceed.







The product itself, a “Roleadro UFO LED Grow” (I got it from Amazon, as usual, where it also got positive reviews) is sturdy, seems well-manufactured and also well designed. It has 300 Watts and thus more than most indoor appliances of the like, which was crucial to me. It is very strong and bright. According to the package details, it covers all the natural light frequencies of sunlight – well, of course with strong dash of red in it… 🙂 The only real shortcoming is, that it doesn’t come with a dimmer. 

Just because I’m in doubt if it’s the right thing for me doesn’t mean it’s a bad product. Perhaps I’ll just use it in another room.