I called in sick this morning and I really feel like a bag of shit since yesterday. But after much sleep and drinking tea, I’m also bored as f**k, so I decided to start growing veggies and herbs on my windowsill again. After all it’s precisely the right time of year for that.

I like to draw a simple grid where I can note down what seeds I put where as long as the seedlings don’t yet grow. When they’ve grown a little they’ll get nametags. Now here’s todays sowing:

Population overview:

  • 2 x Jalapeno Early
    They like it sunny, but that’s mostly all of it. The gave a good harvest last year. More here.
  • 3 x Habanero Mustard
    See above, the two are very much alike. Just wanted to use up the seeds.
  • Thyme
    Kitchen favourite. More here.
  • Oregano
    Kitchen favourite. Read here about proper cultivation and care.
  • 4 x Zucchini
    An all-time-favourite for the garden. Easy to maintain when in the right place and produces a shitload of fruit if cared for properly. More here.
  • 3 x Swiss Chard
    Great for cultivation in pots on the balcony – I did this last year and it went great. It regrows several times if you care for it a little. Information here.
  • 3 x Bok Choi
    See above. Also a balcony favourite, it regrows and it’s easy to care for. More here.
  • 6 x Spinach
    See above. You need loads of spinach whe cooking since it’ll shrink to almost nothing in the pan – thus: Six plants this year. Plant Info.