It’s Saturday in the morning and I indeed do have time to screen my server logs a little. What catches my eye: My page on Contact & Privacy is my second most visited page, by far most requests coming from germany (this is where I live and manage this site from) and obviously visiting only this site. So, what does that mean?

It’s ridiculous. The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”, thanks at this point to this green party bloke in particular – you can read my opinion on this on my mentioned above Contact & Privacy page) has to be implemented on every website in the EU since half a year ago or so. Nobody, I repeat: Nobody reads the “Terms and conditions” of any website, software or sales contract on the internet and I expect normal, average users aren’t much interested in reading EU-Law statements of a small, personal website like mine either. I cannot imagine that the indeed very manageable (and mostly foreign) amount of visitors on my site would be happy and interested to look that up.

This means one thing: Our friendly politicians don’t get tired of stating that dissuasions concerning other than the “big players” on the internet are not desired, but relevant lawyer’s offices are already scanning – or should I say “roboting” (I, technically, don’t have another clue) ? – their battleground. See where this is going to?