The mobile communications network in my house is downright lousy (welcome to the germany of the year 2019… no more comments needed…), but I identified the perfect spot for my iphone on the windowsill.

Since I’ve got some Airpods lately, my phone finally doesn’t have to be close to me when I’m at my desk, and since standing upright seems to improve reception, I made this veeery simple cellphone holder:

A piece of scrap wood (measurements below – not to scale, since I made them up from my mind in about 3 minutes), rectified and sanded a little. Added a grove with the router large enough to hold my phone, then oiled with linseed oil. I made the grove a little wider than the thickness of my phone, so it stands at a small angle when inserted. It can be inserted in portrait mode or in landscape mode (if I also want to charge it).

Done! It was really a simple 20-minutes-job.