I had some water damage recently in the northern germany refuge, due to a defective pump and a resulting overflow of the respective reservoir. So I came up with the idea of installing a water level indicator system to it, enabling me to have an eye on the filling level in the future.

[See plan in the gallery] Since I don’t have the opportunity to test it on the living object, I made a small model to verify the functionality and give me hints for the final assembly. It consists of a rod which serves as a probe to be installed vertically, reaching down to the bottom of the reservoir and four (the model has only three) “sensors” to tell me the filling level. They’re connected to four LEDs, powered by a simple 9V battery with a pushbutton to give me an approximate reading, divided into four measurement levels.

The picture taken is a little bad because it was too bright in my kitchen where I tested it with a jug of water. But the two LEDs that were supposed to glow DID indeed glow. Principle confirmed, will build the real one soon! 🙂