I stumbled upon the concept of a “smart garden” in the last weeks, something for example like this one or this one. I like the idea, they look neat and I like the idea of somewhat “controlled” inhouse herbs- and greens-growing.

After some research, I found out they all do basically the same thing: They’re all some kind of an automated hydroponic system, with some sort of grow light, water and nutrient control and easily interchangeable growing pods. Most feature a wick system to ensure constant water supply to the plants, an aeration system and an electronic contraption to monitor and regulate everything.

While an electronic automatic controller isn’t realisable for me, I thought the rest of the idea would be pretty doable and this is what I came up with. Some description and a materials list at the bottom of this post. Now I’ll see how (and if at all) it works 🙂

The still-to-do-list consists of: Tidying up the growlight wiring, touching up the flaws and screwholes in the wood with white paint and adding some name tags for the plants.


  • Height-adjustable 40W LED growlight with timer
  • 5 l water tank
  • Water level indicator
  • Aeration with timer
  • 5 wick-fed growing pods with stone wool substrate


  • As usual for me: Scrap wood, some small hardware, screws, etc.
  • Plastic container from the hardware store
  • Growlight (→ Amazon)
  • Mini-plant-pots from the garden center
  • Substrate blocks (→ Amazon)
  • Piezo aquarium air pump, plus some tubing and an airstone (was somehow lying around in the shop)
  • Old t-shirt for the wicks
  • Piece of styrofoam to hold the plant pods