We’ve got a very good steak restaurant here in the area and they display their dry aged meat right in their entrance hall (see above). Well, so they do know how to make you hungry, but to me this is also a subtle hint to plan a new project… 🙂

So after some reading and information gathering (just about a year or so…) I got myself an old fridge from ebay classifieds – and slowly but surely I’m losing trust in my fellow earthlings. The guy sold me shit, it worked for 5 minutes then broke down and I had to rewire the electrics.

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After bypassing and throwing out the temperature sensor and the temperature control dial, it now works on full whack by default, but the compressor doesn’t overheat so I can go further. Cost me two damn hours.

The goal is to build a contraption that comes as close as possible to a “real” dry aging cabinet. Thus, I will need some sort of automated humidity and temperature control and some reasonable aeration. This means there will be a little bit of wiring to do as well as some precise and well calculated hull breaks :-). I also want it to have casters for easier movement.

I’ll post progress here (as far as any progress is happening in the first place…) Also, I want to write a summary on what I’ve read about dry aging and curing (for example here – very informative), so I have a starting point when it’s ready and can try to make my own experiences from there.