So, having passed the end of February and the coldest nights hopefully being over, it’s time to start a new hatchery. This time on the northern germany windowsill and with the prospect of planting the pregrown seedlings into the new raised garden beds (there’s still some work to be done on them) once they’re strong enough:

I chose to sow sorts that are fairly simple to handle and rather uncomplicated, so I’d have good chances of them thriving well and being durable enough to tolerate my “care”. Some were just propagated from existing plants or their fruits, some others I had to sow and will grow them right from the start.


Here’s my list of sorts and what I read up on timing their sowing and planting:

Species Pre-Sow Outside Rem.
Garlic Feb. Feb. Propagated
Parika/Chillies End Feb. Mid May Propagated
Tomato Mid March Mid May Propagated
Ginger End Feb. Mid May Propagated
Oregano All-year   Propagated
Rosemary All-year   Propagated
Thyme All-year   Propagated
Basil All-year   Propagated
Zucchini April May Sown
Green Beans April Mid May Sown
Peas Begin March End March Sown
Swiss Chard March Mid April Sown
Spinach March March Sown
Luffa March Mid May Sown
Tarragon All-year   Sown
Pimpernel All-year   Sown
Leek Feb. April Propagated
Spring Onion Feb.   Propagated
Potato March April Pre-Sprouted

Much of this is taken from this website (de). This overview is also downloadable (.pdf, 119 kB)