…or simply, a mushroom bed 🙂 The king oyster mycelium was growing vivdly and it was time to give it some more room and freedom, so we moved it outside. The mushroom patch is located at a shadowy, hidden place in the garden, consisting of nutrient-rich, forest-like ground and lots of mulch and biomass.

I hope it’ll become a perennial arrangement. Here’s what to do, also see the drawing above:

  1. A 50 x 80 cm patch is dug out to about 20 cm depth and a 5 cm layer of gravel is added for drainage.
  2. On top of this, the mycelium and substrate is filled in and distributed evenly.
  3. Finally it’s topped off with a layer of mulch for moisture retention.

Now it’s about waiting for them to grow 🙂