“Now I have a BB Gun! Hohoho!”

(To whoever gets the reference). As kids, we used to shoot snails in the neighbour’s garden with his beat up old BB Gun back in the day. You know, those fast-moving, erratically dodging creatures every gardener hates… 🙂 , driving my mother crazy though we were suspiciously monitored most closely.

Now I’ve got one again. Much more sophisticated and modern than the old shooting beat from 35 years ago. It’s a “Hämmerli Hunter Force 600” (what a warlike name for a mere toy) 4.5 mm / 0.177 cal. that was on sale. And yes, of course it does meet any requirements to be legal here in germany.

I made myself a holder for target tin cans in front of the wood storage, so my bullet catcher consists of four rows of oak firewood. I deem it safe enough 🙂