Since I have discovered lately that I have fun salvaging and restoring miscellaneous old and neglected items, I realized that sandblasting might be a convenient solution for me to clean smaller parts instead of doing it all by hand.

I’m not willing to spend the money for professional equipment, because first: I only do that for recreation and fun, and second: I’m still completely new to the whole concept by now. So I improvised a simple sandblasting booth for use with my already existing compressor. Luckily, I had most of the parts here and I only had to buy a plastic box and some blasting medium – I was given the blow gun by an acquaintance of mine  who doesn’t need it and encouraged me to give it a try.

It’s an easy construction and done in an afternoon, measurements and a parts list are stated below. I made the screen (made from ordinary plexi glass) and outbound air filter as for easy renewal, also the rubber gloves can be replaced in a breeze when worn. The hand openings and air ventilation are reinforced with sanitary pipe end caps that I just cut open in the center.

The booth is small, but large enough to handle not too big pieces and it stows away in a bottom shelf with most required materials stored inside.


Parts and measurements:

Plastic Box, mine is 50 x 35 x 30 cm, (L x W x H)
2 sanitary pipe end caps, d = 11 cm
1 sanitary pipe end cap, d = 7,5 cm
Plexiglass, 25 x 20 x 0,3 cm
Piece of cloth, double folded
2 long, heavy duty rubber gloves for cleaning
6 x nuts, bolts and washers, M5
1m self-adhesive window sealing tape

Zip ties, hot glue, wood strips