Now that I’ve had my chickens in the backyard for almost a year and the girls seem to be happy and satisfied enough, here’s my chicken care routine that has resulted from one year of trial and error, experiencing and learning:


Refill and distribute grain feed / give them some salad or other greeneries / clean nesting boxes / collect eggs and compliment beautiful chickens for their hard work.

Every two days:

Clean and refill water dispensers. Add vitamins if applicable.


Rake and clean the den (remove all “residues”). Clean and refill chicken shelter with straw and wood shavings as necessary. Check for mites.


Renew all litter (according to dirtiness). If necessary (mites), dust shelter with diatomaceous earth and treat all cracks with ballistol oil. Coat perches with a thin layer of vegetable oil.

Adds up to no more than ~15 min. a day and an additional ~30 min. once a week. Download the checklist here.