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Recommended Reads: Bethesda Cookbooks

Who else loves Bethesda’s famous Fallout and Elder Scrolls games series? I liked them so much and I had great fun playing them for hours. So I was excited when I found out that they published two cookbooks relating directly to the games – and still took a year before finally purchasing them.

The Official Vault Dweller’s
Cookbook (Amazon)


The Elder Scrolls Official
Cookbook (Amazon)

Now that I’ve tried some of the recipes and read the books, I can recommend them warmly to everyone who likes cooking and has a soft spot for atmospheric video games, props and apparel. They’re fun, written enjoyably and very beautifully designed.

My Double Bass

I have noticed that I have never even posted an image of my double bass here! So here it is – a 3/4 acoustic double bass (any larger wouldn’t fit me) that I bought already ten years ago here. It’s a rather simple, reasonably priced but absolutely well-enough made Instrument. It’s got a nice sunburst finish and it’s absolutely sufficient for me for practicing (i.e. when and if I have enough time and leisure).

I gave it a (wonderfully working) homebrew piezo pickup under the bridge for almost no reason and you can see it secured to my self made wall mount in the image. Unfortunately, I suck so bloodily playing it… 🙁

Music Rhythms Made Easy

This image is absolutely genious! As a (mediocre – if anything) bass player this is a perfect mnemonic hook for me to practice rhythms. Where is this from and who made dis? I like that guy!

Double Bass Fretboard

Now that things run considerably slower in everyday life, I dug up the 3/4 double bass fretboard that I made years ago and that I never used. I plan to rework and shine it up a little in the next weeks whenever I have the time and I hope I will have the opportunity to finally put it to use some day.

Recommended Read: “The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.” by Neal Stephenson

I have already sufficiently stated here that I really like Neal Stephenson’s novels a whole lot. So this is another one from him (this time together with co-writer Nicole Galland). Written entertainingly, consistent and simply fun and joyful to read. The story is… somewhat special, but it was well worth my time…

Mehhh… Just read it, you won’t regret.

Recommended Read: The “Otherland”-Tetralogy by Tad Williams

Cover part 1 of 4

Cover part 1 of 4

It’s a little hard to desribe the synopsis of this tetralogy to someone who hasn’t read it yet 🙂 and frankly, I won’t even try. Instead, I do recommend to read it yourself – although it’s really a LOT of text, it’s really worth it!

What I can safely say is that the “Matrix”-Films surely took more than one idea from it and that the author creates a closed in itself world/surrounding/basic idea, described colorfully, with a deep love to detail and researched precisely.

Available (of course) on Amazon in the english original and the translated german version. If you do so, remember to purchase the whole tetralogy, it’s worth every penny.

Disclaimer: I don’t receive any donations, commissions or payments from amazon!

Another Recommendation: Author Daniel Suarez

Luckily, I have a lot of time for reading at the moment 🙂 So I want to introduce another Author to you that I like very much: Daniel Suarez (Wikipedia de|en). AFAIK, his best known books are the two associated Novels Daemon and Freedom (german: Darknet) drawing a conclusive scenery in the not too far future with an entraining plot and really cool writing. Enjoy reading!

Edit: OMFG, I forgot Influx (german: Control)!

“Daemon”, 2006 

“Freedom / Darknet”, 2010 
“Influx / Control”, 2012 

Recommended Read: Author Neal Stephenson

You don’t have to like all books an author wrote to find some of them just amazing. One such Author to me is Neal Stephenson. Three books from him that I really love, written in a matchlessly laconic, witty and easy going way. Ahead of their time, well researched an beautifully woven into our own reality. Although he wrote several more long and surely labour-intensive novels, these three are my absolute favourites.

“Snow Crash”, 1991
“Cryptonomicon”, 1999
“Error” (engl. “Reamde”), 2011

Enjoy reading!

Recommended Read: William Gibson’s “Neuromancer” and “Idoru” Trilogies

I’ve read them again in the last days and I still can’t help but recommend them to all of you. They are pathbreaking novels with ideas that influenced and orientated a whole genre of Sci-Fi – well written and absolutely captivating.

To whomever likes Science-Fiction, respectively Cyberpunk, these are set Books.

To me, William Gibson (de|en) is one the most influential Sci-Fi Authors of our time.

A new Hope: Playing Bass

Due to work I have not played or practised reasonably with the Bass for over three years now, and I miss this very much. I don’t even know what I have forgotten so far, so I took the decision of starting all over again.

My Instrument Gallery

A chronological gallery of most of the instruments that I’ve made over the years (when I still had the time for that). It’s really sad, I miss this very much.

The Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner (1982), Dir. Ridley Scott

Gerds Diddley Bow

This is a Diddley Bow that I made for a Friend of mine some time ago. A homemade Pickup and a mint-box as a bridge. He likes it as far as I know.

Shovel Guitar

This man is cool! Justin Johnson:

Lemmy is dead

To all Djihadists: Lemmy is dead. There are no more virgins in Paradise.

Schandmaul Award

A gift I got from a band that I work for peridically. It’s a framed version of their last “golden CD”. I’m really proud and it’s a really fine act of friendship!

Pay them a visit here: (german band, german language)

Mark Collie, “In Time”

“In Time” – Mark Collie

I can hear what you’re thinking,
All your doubts and fears,
And if you look in my eyes, in time you’ll find,
The reason I’m here.

And in time all things shall pass away,
In time, you may come back someday.
To live once more,
Or die once more,
But in time, your time will be no more.

William Gibson

William Gibson, one of the greatest Science-fiction Authors of our time.

Steve Harris, Iron Maiden

Steve Harris (Iron Maiden, Bass), one of my metal Gods.

Guitar Saddle repair

Had to replace a broken saddle on a friend’s old guitar. Polished it up a little while at it.

Telecaster interpretation

Telecaster-Interpretation (2011), for my friend Mike. The only guitar so far.

Seasick Steve

Seasick Steve. This man rocks! and

Hollowbody Rock Bass from 2010

Hollowbody Rock Bass (2010) – whe I still had the time and nerves to make instruments…

Tom Waits and

Great music!


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