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Finally – a Mousetrap that Works

I stumbled upon this YouTube Video and decided to give this method a try:
How to Make a Simple Catch and Release Bottle Mousetrap (that works!)

What shall I say? The counter is on three within two days now – better than every other trap I’ve tried so far. By the way, the secret bait is peanut butter. Jerry seems to like peanut butter 🙂

Product Review: Microplane Kitchen Grater

I’m not a kitchen tool voodooist and I’m normally sceptical when it comes to heavily advertised “world changing” kitchen appliances. But after seeing one of these microplane graters in what felt like the 500th youtube video, I decided to buy one and give it a try.

It’s a sturdy tool, as far as I read indeed “laser-etched” (whatever difference that may make) and it’s dishwasher safe. What makes a difference for me is that it grates almost everything that comes across for me to grind, from nutmeg to lemon zest to (comparably) soft cheese. The results are always fine gratings and not the ripped and torn shreddings that you get so often using other tools. Afterwards, it’s easy to clean.

Thumbs up, recommendation.

How To: Make a Roux

Roux - Stolen Image (

Roux – Stolen Image (

I was asked by a member of the extended family circle about a recipe requiring a roux.

So let’s make a “Roux“… Ahh… yeah, right. Sure. Of course. This is french. It’s pronounced ( /ˈr/ ) and this sounds sooo much better than the german Mehlschwitze, which – honestly – sounds more like a sore throat 🙂 .

A roux is used as a basis for things like heavy sauces, soups or stews. It thickens them up and makes them creamy and rich. Since it’s a base-ingredient, it is very versatile and can be used for a wide variety of cooking tasks from the standard french cuisine mother sauce Béchamel up to New Orleans Gumbo. Google “roux usage” and you’ll see what I mean.

Some people find making a roux a little intimidating because, yes, you can absolutely screw it up, but if you follow these simple steps here, I promise you’ll nail it every time. It’s no magic.

Recommended Reads: Bethesda Cookbooks

Who else loves Bethesda’s famous Fallout and Elder Scrolls games series? I liked them so much and I had great fun playing them for hours. So I was excited when I found out that they published two cookbooks relating directly to the games – and still took a year before finally purchasing them.

The Official Vault Dweller’s
Cookbook (Amazon)


The Elder Scrolls Official
Cookbook (Amazon)

Now that I’ve tried some of the recipes and read the books, I can recommend them warmly to everyone who likes cooking and has a soft spot for atmospheric video games, props and apparel. They’re fun, written enjoyably and very beautifully designed.

Workshop Beer Taste Test Part 3 – “Mjölnir”

The next beer’s name is known to everybody from the Marvel movie “Thor” (though its story heavily messed up in that film):


Mjölnir is the hammer of Thor, the Norse god associated with thunder. Mjölnir is depicted in Norse mythology as one of the most fearsome and powerful weapons in existence, capable of leveling mountains […] In the Old Norse texts, Mjölnir is identified as hamarr “a hammer” […]

(Wikipedia de|en)

They wanted to make Mjölnir very traditional, hence it is unfiltered and you can taste that. It’s a Lager and for that, it is surprisingly strong with 5.3% vol. It’s fruity and just a little acidic, easy to have one or several of it. It’s a pleasant beer – a very dangerous drink on hot days 🙂


If you like, see part 1 “Sleipnir“, part 2 “Baldur” and part 4 “Yggdrasil

Music Rhythms Made Easy

This image is absolutely genious! As a (mediocre – if anything) bass player this is a perfect mnemonic hook for me to practice rhythms. Where is this from and who made dis? I like that guy!

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

In times of the Corona-Virus outbreaks all over the world, everybody is recommended to pay close attention to hand hygiene. Up to now, hand disinfectant solutions are still available without any problems here where I live, but I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick up how to make some on my own in case of a shortage. Doing some research, I stumbled upon the WHO’s official formulation, which you can also download here. There are two versions published, but I’ll concentrate on one of them exemplary. Here’s the recipe:


Finding a LED’s Polarity

LED PolarityI needed this for a project that I’m working on at the moment (I can never remember it correctly…) I thought perhaps someone might find it useful.

More about LEDs on Wikipedia.

Prepping: My “EDC Kit”

Thinking about various occasions where an “emergency kit” might come in handy lately, here’s also my list of things that I carry around with me by default – I don’t even notice it in my pocket anymore. Nobody needs any more than that if he’s not in, like, Canada’s wilderness 🙂

Couverts et Baguettes – YouTube Channel

He’s a perfect archetype of a staid french gentleman. Sounds like Gérard Depardieu, always somewhat casually stylish and with a very, very pleasant presentation. He cooks classic french cuisine (aside from other recipes), presented in, well, french (unfortunately for me). To me, with a 25-year pause in dealing with the french language, he’s hard to understand on the first try, but it’s absolutely worth the effort!

The usual disclaimer: I DO NOT make any money by linking to this channel and he doesn’t pay me for this (in fact, he doesn’t even know I exist 🙂 )

Prepping: My Car “Get Home Kit”

There was a veritable winter storm with much media coverage sweeping over germany the last days. I got stuck in traffic (harmless), the weather got worse and worse and I had some free time to wonder about what I’d do when there’s a real SHTF situation of that kind. Here’s what I came up with for a wintery, cold and unpleasant car-sticky-situation:

DIY Wax Wood Polish

This is my recipe for an easy, yet useful wax wood polish. It’s what I’ve tried out and what worked for me. Alas, as usual, the internet provides a vast mass of recipes and details.

Tips on Cold Smoking

I plan on smoking some meat again shortly, so I find it’s a good idea to gather and sum up my experiences on cold smoking a little. I will not describe the actual processes and mechanisms of smoking foods here, but if you’re interested, read on on wikipedia. It’s worth the time.

There are three types of smoking:

Hot smoking (60 – 110 °C / 140 – 230 °F):
This is what you do in a BBQ smoker. More delicious cooking than actual smoking.

Warm smoking (25 – 60 °C / 77 – 140 °F):
The intermediate thing. Some Proteins begin to denaturate at these temperatures.

Cold smoking (10 – 25 °C / 50 – 77 °F):
The “original” way of smoking, used for centuries to conserve goods. The only method discussed here.

Let it Cook – YouTube Channel

I have almost binge-watched this guy’s videos now and I really recommend his channel to everyone who’s interested in reasonable cooking aside from “quick’n easy” recipes. He’s a super likeable person (he seems to be bavarian 🙂 ) and he’s presenting his work in an understandable, instructive and educational way. It’s german language only, but for german-speakers it’s a must-see.

Usual disclaimer: I DO NOT make any money by linking to this channel and he doesn’t pay me for this (in fact, he doesn’t even know I exist 🙂 )

How To: Anti-Rust Bubble Bath


I’ve got a lot of rusty old tools lying around here that I thought were a reasonable winter project to clean and restore. So the first thing was to clean off the heavy “crust of rust” on them and the easiest way to do this is with an electrolysis bath. This is how it works and what you’ll need to do this by yourself. It’s cheap, easy and effective.

How To: Blade Hardening

I’m not a professional knife maker, let alone a blacksmith, but I have read lot on the subject and I have made some knives in the past (up to now, none of them even broke or hurt anybody…) and I have gathered some experience. So here’s what I do, what worked for me and what I have an eye on.

Cool Knot

Stumbled upon this cool, easy to release knot on the internet. Does anybody know it’s name?

French Fine Dining and Cooking

I want to make a YouTube recommendation this time. This guy’s YouTube channel as well as his Website have taught me a whole lot about some rather upscale cooking or respectively “fine dining”. It’s very much especially not the common “quick & easy” ubiquitous type of internet recipes.

He explains a lot, demonstrates everything in a very comprehensible way and at least for me, everything I tried turned out downright delicious.

How To: Setting up a Hammock

I’ve got a lot of trees here in the northern germany refuge and now I also finally got a hammock (Amazon) again! I’ve set up hammocks many times before – as a boy scout – but it’s about 25 years since then… so here’s how I used to set up a hammock:

How To: Using a Lashing Belt with Ratchet

I used a lashing belt for setting up my hammock and someone I know who didn’t do this ever before asked me how a lashing belt works. Although it’s fairly easy I want to explain the general use step by step here:

Tying a Bowline Knot

I’ll need this one in the next days, so I tried to dig up some long forgotten boyscout knowledge from 30 years ago. Didn’t work… 🙂

Thus, here’s a very good video on how to tie a bowline knot the easy way and if I remember it right, this is the method that I learned as a boy. It is used for mooring ships as well as securing climbing harnesses, aaaand – in boyscout camps all over the world in every imaginable way.

The most common german word for it is “Palstek” in the north (and resembles the vast use in shipping). But I grew up in southern germany and I know it better as “Rettungsschlinge” (used e.g. by rescue personnel) or as “Ankerstich” (which is the term that I learned). Here’s more on it on Bowline – Wikipedia.

It’s very useful, fairly simple and absolutely worth the effort to learn.

Stir Frying 101- Chinese Stir Fry Techniques

Have a look at this guys cool YouTube Video:

Yes, it is nicely made, it’s informative and yes, I did learn from it… But the actual hammer is this elaborate article that guy wrote on reddit as a complement for the movie. This is downright premium content – if you’re even only slightly interested in asian cooking, this is a must read!

How Networks Work

I stumbled upon an absolutely great article on how computer networks work last night. That guy really did a great job explaining networking basics in simple and understandable words! If you’re interested in the matter, read it here on imgur

Mounting Internal Doors

So, finally, a friendly professional person installed the door to the shop for me. I have observed this work many times, but I don’t dare to do it on my own. It requires absolute accuracy, precision and, last but not least, knowledge about what you’re doing.

First, one half of the doorframe is glued and screwed together and inserted into the door-hole. After levelling everything carefully with a spirit level, it is fixed in the correct position with several wedges and the hollows are filled with construction foam.

To ensure the correct position of every part of the frame, the whole construction is fixed with tension rods until the foam has cured and hardened. Next, the other half of the Frame will be installed (foam, glue and screws) and the door is ready.

More information and instructions (german language):

How To: Miter Joints for Baseboards

We got wooden flooring in the northern germany refuge recently, and I had to install the baseboards (the mouldings covering the joint of the walls and the adjoining floor) over the last days. Since it’s an older house and not every corner is a perfect ninety-degree-angle, I had to rely on some measuring and precise cutting to make the baseboard joints nice and flush.

Beef Cut Chart

Here’s a nice overview of beef cuts, displayed on the wall of a nice restaurant (“Beef Kitchen“) where we had dinner last night.

Preparing dried legumes

Although legumes (e.g. beans, peas or lentils in all their varieties, forms and shapes) are available ready-to-use and cheap in any given supermarket, many people don’t know how to prepare them from their dried state. Yet, for an old freaky prepper like me 🙂 they are very useful: Their shelf life is a felt eternity, they’re nutritious and, well, occasionally they taste really good.

100 Deadly Skills…

This Imgur post by User UndercoverTardis looks a little old-fashioned but it’s defintely interesting, fun and surely worth the read:

Review: “Leatherman Skeletool KB” Pocket Knife

I got this as a christmas present and I had the opportunity/obligation to test it really thoroughly over the last 3-4 days.

I really recommend this pocket knife to everyone! It is sturdy enough, sharp as hell and small enough to keep it in your pocket without even really recognizing it. It opens easily with a twist of your thumb, so it comes in  very handy when having to work with it. Available (of course) on Amazon, and indeed for a reasonable price.

Disclaimer: I don’t receive any donations, commissions or payments from amazon!

How to: Change Door Handles

After the windows were upgraded, I wanted to change the old-fashioned door handles for newer and little discreeter ones. Changing door handles is also not a big deal – a little bit more complicated than the window handles, but not much of a challenge and not much work either. You’ll need some more tools – I strongly advise a power drill – and a little more time.

How to: Change Window Handles

I’ve done some touch-ups in the northern germany refuge yesterday. One thing was changing the 20 year old window handles for new, lockable ones. It’s really easy, also for the inexperienced and here’s how:

Cooking Rice without a Rice Cooker

I don’t know anymore where this is from. I Did it once and it worked absolutely well. Nonetheless, I have a rice cooker now 😀

Notes on Flour

Stolen from here

(Updated) Stolen from here

Hey! In reaction to my recent post on yeast I’ve been asked “what about flour”? Well, I’m not a baker, I’m not into cake, cookies and pastry – just baking bread from time to time.

So here’s my (very condensed and one-sided) information on flour types that I have learned over the last couple of years, with special focus on the differences / translations between american and german. Good sources for more information are and

(Concerning that Image: I’ve actually never heard of “Flour Type 812” here in Germany…)



Common Slow Cooker Fuck Ups

Ahhh… tonight’s Dinner will be some hearty stew from the Crockpot! To me, my slow cooker is a hassle-free, easy and convenient way to prepare food. It’s really hard to completely ruin a slow cooker meal, it’ll most probably come out at least edible.

However, it’s not completely idiot-proof, so here’s a comprehensive but most certainly uncomplete list of “slow-cooker-don’ts” for information. Some of them are widely available on the internet (for example here) and some of them I’ve experienced by myself, purely and completely on my own 🙂

Notes on Baker’s Yeast

I like baking my own bread from time to time. Recently, I came across some useful information on baker’s yeast that I want to share here:

As you all know, there are two types of yeast being sold in supermarkets – fresh yeast and dry yeast. They’re to be handled a little different each since they come in different forms, but they’re both the same organism (“Saccharomyces cerevisiae” – which derives from its origin from brewing beer). They also both do the same thing: They give your dough fluffiness, airiness and volume by natural fermentation.

Fresh Yeast comes in the form of little cubes, always weighing 42g
Dry Yeast comes as a powdery substance in little packages, always weighing 7g

The Art of Manliness: The Prisoner Workout

 For everyone like me who is too lazy or too busy to hit the gym regularly, here’s an interesting article on how to exercise at home.It’s a bodyweight-workout, no fuss and effective and it doesn’t require any equipment (thus “The Prisoner Workout”). I’m doing this at the moment and I hope i will keep it up. 

I generally recommend that site: The Art of Manliness

Homemade Vicks Rub

Since I’ve been really sick as fuck with a tenacious cold these days, here’s a formula for a homemade Vick’s Rub (german: “Wick VapoRub”). I used fragrant oil that I had at hand at home and it works.

– 1/2 cup coconut oil
– 10 drops eucalyptus oil
– 5 drops peppermint oil

Mix thoroughly and store in a tight container. Found here.

6 Hints on camping for the first-timer

Hint #1: RV or Caravan?

A very basic decision… I’ve tried both and I, personally, came to the following conclusions: If you want to explore the surroundings of your campsite or destination extensively, a caravan should be the vehicle of your choice. You can just leave it on the campground and drive around with your car freely.

On the other hand, if you’re more of the “round trip guy” (as I am) an RV is clearly the better decision. It’s easier and faster to set up and dismount, it’s normally more spacious and often better equipped. But you have to take it with you every time you need a ride. Whereas, as a ride it’s far simpler to move and to handle than a car and trailer. Just take a bike with you for short distances.

My favourite Kitchen Cheat Sheets

Here are the few cheat sheets / info images (from the millions you can find on the net) that I really used and that I really learned something from. I hope this helps a little. Categorized:



MySQL Cheat Sheet

Since I’ll need it again these days, here’s my favourite MySQL-Joins-Cheat Sheet. Found it some time ago here.

New EDC One Hand Knife

I’ve got a new knife for my pocket to carry everyday. Since the old one got a little wiggly over a two-digit number of years of (mis-)use and I generally wanted a new one, here it is:

I’ve got a beer tap!

So I got hands on a beer tap for my kitchen, for parties and when friends drop in for a drink. I’ve got a “Philips Perfect Draft HD3620” from (as usual) Amazon:










Some of my favourite german Campgrounds

Since I’ve been asked “where do you go camping“, here’s a small list. I’ve visited all of these and can verify they’re clean, nice and reasonably priced.

If you want to visit some pretty parts of germany by RV, these are good bets.




Trailer Weight Distribution

I don’t know where this video is from, but it’s very interesting, especially for campers.

Foldable Traveling Grill

Here’s the foldable travel grill that we used when we were camping these days. It’s durable, lightweight and space-saving. Also, it’s by far large enough for two people and absolutely no fuss to set up. I got mine from here.

Revised: RV Tank Cleaning: How-To and Product Review

Since I fucked up the last post on RV Tank Cleaning, I’ll try to correct that here and now. After 1 1/2 years of not using the RV I had to clean and disinfect the water tanks thoroughly and, while thinking I bought the product I used before, I actually got a different one. This was a little bit more complicated than the one used before, so I I’ll describe here how it worked:

RV Tank Cleaning: How-To and Product Review

In order to get everything ready for the road, I also had to clean the RV’s water tanks. I didn’t use it at all last year, so a thorough treatment is appropriate and important (nobody wants to have to deal with Montezuma’s revenge…:-) ) Here’s what I did:

Edit: It’s all Bullshit. I described the product that I used before (never post before you actually did it!), but the new product that I bought now works differently. I only realised when I had it in my hands. New review here

How does an Assault Rifle work?

I’m not really into guns – I don’t own one (and I surely don’t have a permit), I don’t know too much about them and I wasn’t even in the Army… But this video really got me with it’s super cool explanation of how that “magic” works mechanically.

Road Trip Planning 2018

I’m planning to finally go on another road trip again this summer – I need this so fu***ing badly. So, in the progress of planning, preparing and organizing everything, I’ll try to post here what I do. Perhaps some of you can relate or even take the one or the other hint. This will be updated irregularly. 

Sprouting Glass

So they sell what they call a “Sprouting Glass” for growing e.g. mung bean sprouts etc. in my local garden market. Basically, that gadget is not much more than a glass jar with a slotted lid and an attached stand. I think you could easily make one yourself, but it was only 5 bucks and I liked the idea, so I really didn’t care.

Prepping: First Aid

In succession to my recent post on reasonable prepping, here’s what I packed in my Utter Darknesss First Aid Kit. Additionally I have (and you should, too) a perfectly averagely stocked medicine chest for everyday use. Make sure you rotate the contained drugs on a regular basis in order to avoid spoiled medicaments!

Steak Cuts Overview

So this guy did a cool overview of steak cuts with descriptions on Imgur. Worth reading!

My Form of Prepping

So, slowly I’m transforming into one of those quixotic and sometimes slightly weird SHTF-doomsday guys, right? Well, no. Not really.

I just want to be reasonably prepared for the mishaps of life and I like to have a backup for my wife and me if things go down the drain for a couple of days. At the end of the day it is (without overdoing it) not much more than what was ordinary household management for my gradmother’s generation back in their time: A little stockpiling, a little preparation and some common sense of not relying entirely on the everyday civilizational amenities.

Even the german government (!) recommends some disaster precautions (Frankly, I think they’re talking shit – hoarding bananas is not the first thing on my mind when thinking about disaster preparation…). Anyway, here’s what I think is useful and unexcitedly reasonable for two people in a calculated 72 hours of utter darknesssss:

Springlane Sous Vide Stick!

This is my Springlane™ “Henry” sous vide stick (it was a birthday present from my sister)! This was some time ago already and now I finally have the time to post an article on it…


First, that thing is large. In all the pictures that I had seen before, it looks rather small and handy but in reality it is 35 (!) cm long, so I first had to find a container that was high enough to fit 🙂

My Kitchen Conversions Cheat Sheet

This is what I put together for personal use (american ⇒ metric). It’s pinned to my fridge wall and I use it often. You might find it interesting too.

GDPR Checklist

Found a very good summary and explanation on the new european “General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)”.

It’s german language and you can find it over here. If you’re a website owner it’s really worth reading.

How a Torque Converter Works

This is a highly interesting (german language) video about the function of the torque converter that drives every car with an automatic transmission. I didn’t know that before and learned a lot! 

Parts of an Anvil

Another interesting info image with the english terms for a german DIY-er. Taken from here.

Zippo Tutorial

Everybody knows Zippo Lighters and I, personally, love them. Since there might actually be a non-smoker among my 5 – 7 frequent readers and I’m un-motivated to work at the moment, here’s a simple tutorial on Zippo lighters. I have to refill mine anyway.

Fishtank Weather

After changing some water today, I added a liquid filter medium to the tank that I heavily rely on (EasyLife flüssiges FIltermedium, on Amazon). Always looks like a cloudy november morning for some hours.

DIY-Fish-Tank Population:

Now this is the population that I have dwelling in my Self-made Nano-Fish-Tank. Even the cat approves:

My Kitchen Equipment

Since I’ve been asked, this is my standard cooking equipment. Oddly, when digging through my kitchen cupboards I found that it is not so very much. Of course there’s some more, since kitchen utensils have a tendency to accumulate like old socks in your drawer, but I don’t use everything regularly. I do almost everything with a very manageable amount of rudimental, yet essential tools that I use everyday:

Metallurgy Facts

I found this post on metallurgy on Tumblr and thought I’d share. For me as an amateur knife maker, this is very interesting!

My Shopping Resources

Since I was asked “where do you get all this shit from?“, here are the Shopping resources that I use frequently for buying the consumables and supplies I need for doing my stuff (Attention: I live in Munich, Germany). I buy much from Amazon and eBay, and some from (occasionally really) local stores. These webshops are trustworthy, they deliver accurately and have good customer support.



Cyclone Dust Separator

…for the Shop Vacuum. I ordered this piece from Amazon for a few bucks and glued/screwed it to a wall-paint mixing bucket.

It’s desigend to separate larger grains of dust/debris from the airstream in order to keep the actual vacuum cleaner from clogging up. I hope my SO will notice. See the image for the principle.

As always when I do something, I realized AFTERWARDS that my vacuum’s hose it too small to fit on the connectors… 🙂 Let’s see if I can grab one for small money…

Finding North with a Watch

Although it’s overcast and cloudy today, I was able to locate the sun. I tried this out with a compass and hey, this Shit works!

A new Knife!

Just by pure chance I got myself a new knife today. To be honest, I don’t really need it in any way but I liked the form of the blade and the sturdy blade guard. The handle wood is really nice and it fits my hand perfectly.

Veggie Cooking Cheat Sheet

An interesting cooking cheat sheet that I found somwhere and that I use from time to time when planning meals.

Being more of a meat person who sees vegetables as sides primarily, I nonetheless don’t like them mushy or overcooked. So this helps me to time my cooking.

English Language Knowledge: Capitalization

Since I’m not a native speaker and my days of english lessons in school have long been over, I’m doing it just plain wrong sooo often: Fu***ing Capital letters in english.

Phonetic Alphabet and Morse codes

 Mildly interesting.

Boiling veggies

I stumbled upon this today. I’m cooking a lot but I didn’t know this simple rule!

Extra cool video on how a differential gear works

Melting cheese

Who doesn’t like melted cheese? 🙂 Here’s a useful chart.

Slow cooker conversions – Update

Here’s an update to my former slow cooker conversion chart. Unlike the old one it also mentions oven-time vs. the applicable slow cooker times. Loads of recipes there, too.

Product Review: Soil tester

I like bullshitting around about hatching seedlings and grow various plants indoors and in my garden. But the one with the real green thumb in this house is my wife. So I, for my part, have to rely on technical utilities in order not to either drown or dry out my windowsill greens.

This is what I use (available on amazon). It can tell you the soil’s moisture (cool and important), the ph-value (who cares?) and the amount of sunlight (couldn’t care less) for your plants.

Note: I don’t have any affiliate-link or something the like to Amazon (I suppose they would laugh out loud if I came up to them with that). I post this here simply because it’s useful to me and that’s where I got it from.

At least I’m trying…

And for someone like me, this is exhausting…

Product Review: Garlic Grinder

So I got myself this new little Garlic-Grinding-Machine-Application-Thingy. Works absolutely great! I like garlic a lot and this really comes in very handy, since it makes cool minced garlic in no time, is easy to use and easy to clean. No mess, no smelly hands and almost no work.

Kitchen Conversions

This is the kitchen cheat sheet that I often use. Since I’m used to the metric system this comes in handy for me. I don’t know anymore where I got this from.

How to reasonably load your fridge

Found an intersting article in the german Newspaper Die Welt on how to reasonably store your goods in your refrigerator according to the different temperature zones. I’ve taken the liberty of translating it.

How to store Mushrooms?

Day #6

Im ending my field test today, because a.) I’m hungry and b.) I won’t be storing mushrooms longer than 5-6 days anyway.

How to store Mushrooms?

Day #4

Almost no recognizable difference. They’re all a little dried, but none of them are spoiled in any sense. One Thing seems to be that you have to store them uncovered and on newspaper or kitchen towel. Let’s give ’em another few days.


Other Episodes:

How to store Mushrooms day #6
How to store Mushrooms day #4
How to store Mushrooms day #1


Not really sure if I should post this here, but I find it interesting… This is gunpowder.

How to store Mushrooms?

Day #1

So every other batch of mushrooms that I buy and that I don’t eat right away is spoiling 🙁 . Having read several hints and tips on how to best store mushrooms for a few days and each one contradicting the other, I have decided to do my own FIELD TEST!

Perspective drawing

Perspective drawing trick. This is SO cool!

Cooking Steak

I still have nice piece of rib-eye in the fridge that I don’t want to spoil, so that’ll be tonight’s dinner. Here’s my cheat-chart for the internal temperature. I’ve got a cheap meat thermometer to measure the temps because I’m not skilled enough to eyeball it and I don’t want to ruin a good piece of meat.

Electricity explained

That says it all – good explanation.

Jump starting a car

And since it was a thing these days as well, here’s a simple diagram on how to jump start a car.

“Red on dead, red on donor. Black on donor, black on metal”.

Additionally, I strongly recommend a power pack like this one for your garage. It is small, practical, affordable and easy to store. And it can really save your sorry ass when you’re in a hurry.

Nuts & Bolts conversions

Aaaand: this is another useful conversion chart that I use really often.

Slow cooker conversions

Since it was an issue for me these days: Here’s a conversion table for slow cooker settings.

My slow cooker really was one of the rather reasonable purchases for my kitchen. Especially when you don’t have too much time for cooking: Throw stuff in. Turn it on. Completely forget about it for a few hours and – bang! – Hearty meal! I love it.

Meat cuts

Fishing dough

My dough for fishing:

– Breadcrumbs
– Toast bread, diced
– Cooking Oil
– Water

Knead everthing to a firm but elastic dough. Stored best wrapped in kitchen-plastic. Pimp with: Vanilla / Anise / Rum-Aroma / Cocoa / Turmeric / Cinnamon / Curry…


Cast Iron care

So your faithful old cast Iron pan is a little rugged up? Here’s how you can re-season it after cleaning:

Manly hint:

A great help for every man like me who doesn’t have any clue how to wash his shirts… 🙂

Mushroom Info

All About Wild Mushrooms on Food52.

Skivvy roll

I found this great step-by-step to creating a skivvy roll. This looks like it would be great technique to use for packing a Bug Out Bag (or B.O.B.). Thanks to Creek Stewart for letting me share this with you all. Check out the original post in the link below, it has tons of other strategies for achieving a lighter Bug Out Bag.

Found here, so convenient!

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