In succession to my recent post on reasonable prepping, here’s what I packed in my Utter Darknesss First Aid Kit. Additionally I have (and you should, too) a perfectly averagely stocked medicine chest for everyday use. Make sure you rotate the contained drugs on a regular basis in order to avoid spoiled medicaments!

Contents of the Bug in First Aid Kit:

  • 2 compression bandages
  • 2 compression bandages for burn wounds
  • 2 normal bandages
  • Tape
  • 10 band aids
  • Rubber gloves
  • Scissors, Safety Pins, Clips
  • Disinfection spray and liquid
  • Disinfection wipes
  • Rescue sheet


  • Anti-Diarrhea medicament
  • Anti-Inflammation medicament
  • Fever remedy
  • Wound ointment
  • Hard Painkillers
  • Any Contemplable personal medications

All of this easily fits into a small box and can be stowed away space saving. No need to hoard surgical needles and string, antibiotics or syringes here if you’ve never done something the like ever before.