Finally it’s time again to care for the garden, the various vegetables, fruit and herbs. I’m hoping bitterly that the upcoming summer will not turn out to be as much of a complete failure as last year.

Chilies and Red Bell Peppers

These are both going into pots on the patio in may. Each need a sunny spot and much light to grow. Bell peppers must be pruned for robust and bushy growth.  





Red Wine

Also placed in a pot because I want it to entwine up the pergola construction. The sunny spot is ideal.  





Raspberry, Blueberry and Currants

All in pots so they don’t spread uncontrollably by runners.

Raspberry: Sunny to (less ideal) partial shade  
Blueberry: Sunny but shelterd
Currants: Sunny to partial shade




Various kitchen herbs

Placed in a sunny spot for an even and plentiful supply for cooking.





The next Basil Plantation

Just a mundane store-bought basil plant, separated into three and planted in fresh and nutritious soil. I have already posted an overview on growing basil at home some time ago.





Edit: Aaaand it’s raining again 馃檨