In succession to my recent post on reasonable prepping, here’s what I packed in my Utter Darknesss First Aid Kit. Additionally I have (and you should, too) a perfectly averagely stocked medicine chest for everyday use. Make sure you rotate the contained drugs on a regular basis in order to avoid spoiled medicaments!

Contents of the Bug in First Aid Kit:

  • 2 compression bandages
  • 2 compression bandages for burn wounds
  • 2 normal bandages
  • Tape
  • 10 band aids
  • Rubber gloves
  • Scissors, Safety Pins, Clips
  • Disinfection spray and liquid
  • Disinfection wipes
  • Rescue sheet


  • Anti-Diarrhea medicament
  • Anti-Inflammation medicament
  • Fever remedy
  • Wound ointment
  • Hard Painkillers
  • Any Contemplable personal medications

All of this easily fits into a small box and can be stowed away space saving. No need to hoard surgical needles and string, antibiotics or syringes here if you’ve never used something the like ever before and have no experience with it.

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