So your faithful old cast Iron pan is a little rugged up? Here’s how you can re-season it after cleaning:

– Clean the pan thoroughly with water, dish soap and scrubber. Make sure to remove all rust and burned bits of food that may have survived. Dry it. (Fig. 1)

– Heat your oven to 200°C ( 390°F) and put in your pan, let it dry completely and heat up properly. (Fig. 2)

– Add a teaspoon or so of vegetable oil to the hot pan and rub it in thoroughly with a paper towel until it’s nice and shiny. Put it back into the oven until it smokes (open your window!). (Fig. 3)

– Take it out and rub again. Set it aside and let it cool. Done. (Fig. 4)

To me, it made no difference leaving the pan in the oven until it smoked or for an hour as it is often recommended. Read more about cast iron cookware here.