Day #6

Im ending my field test today, because a.) I’m hungry and b.) I won’t be storing mushrooms longer than 5-6 days anyway.

The guys on the counter have dried out a lot (almost weightless mushrooms now… 馃檪 ) but not spoiled, there is no mold or mushy spots or the like. I really wouldn’t be too happy to use them, but I’m sure they’re ok eat. The ones in the fridge seem to last far longer, regardless of where exactly they were stored. They have as well dried a bit but they still seem fresh and sturdy. Absolutely okay to eat. The most important thing that I’ve learned is to really, really remove that plastic packaging they come wrapped in.


  1. Store unpackaged
  2. Perhaps cover very loosely with a sheet of kitchen towel
  3. Store on kitchen towel or newspaper
  4. Keep cool and dry


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