I had Takoyaki some days ago, and I absolutely loved them. Naturally, I want to try to make them by myself, but unfortunately there are virtually no takoyaki pans available for induction stoves 馃檨 .


So I bought a pan for gas stoves (this one, to be precise because it has a rim) for small money and puzzled together some kind of a pot stand for my camping stove.

As usual, I collected some scrap in the shop and after some hard and ardourous thinking grabbed my welder and put it together. The sides of the pan have a length of 18 cm, so the sides of my triangle are the same. The camping stove is 7.5 cm high, so my triangle got 8cm and I added a mount because I wanted it to be rather firm and as non-wiggly as possible since you have to scrape around in the pan while cooking. Nothing really special and as usual not too pretty. Now I’m keen on trying it out this weekend.

Recipes for Takoyaki here or here, but I’ll post my own as soon as I’ve tested it.