This is the Drying-Box that I made the last few days. Originally no more than a standard wooden box from the hardware store.

It is intended for the process of drying previously cured meat before smoking it. (The gemran word is “brennen”, I don’t know the english term.) It can be used in two ways: “Brennen” as mentioned, and as a drying box for making things like beef jerky or biltong, etc. by adding an ordinary light bulb.


  1. Old computer fan for air circulation (12V), with a connector for a regular power supply.
  2. Air vents on the bottom on both sides.
  3. Optional facility for adding in a 100W light bulb at the back side, for when making jerky etc.
  4. Aluminium tray inside for catching drips and easy cleaning.
  5. Hanging racks for the meat.
  6. Handle for throwing it away.

Next weekend it’ll be tried out.