After one day of rest, it’s day 4 of the sourdough test now. It has a distinct sourly smell, rather fresh and not pungent or moldy and it bubbles. I’ll feed it one last time today and then try it out for baking bread. After all, I can sum up the process as follows:


Making a sourdough starter:

You will need: Large enough glass jar with lid, spoon, disinfectant, name tag. 250g flour type 1050, 250 ml water.

Day 1: Clean your jar and spoon, hygiene is crucial! Mix 50g of flour with 50ml of lukewarm water (~27 °C) to a smooth dough. Place your jar in a warm, dark place and cover, leaving a gap to allow air to circulate. For gods sake give it a name tag!

Day 2: Add 100g flour and 100ml water and mix thoroughly. Repeat the jar procedure.

Day 3: Ignore it. At best, give it a a stir.

Day 4: Meanwhile you should smell the odor described above and it should bubble. For a last time, add 100g flour and 100ml water and mix. Let sit for another day.

Day 5: You can use it for baking now.

Always leave 50-100g of your sourdough in the jar to propagate it again after using! You can store your starter in a loosely sealed container in your fridge for several weeks.

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