So, over the last few weeks I bolted and welded together some kind of a chuckwagon-kitchen-appliance for my garden firebowl. As usual I tried to use mainly scrap from the shop, recycling what I had but in this case I had to buy some steel rods and small parts.


  • Completely dismountable, so I can continue to use the firebowl on it’s own as well
  • Firewood grate for better air flow
  • Cooking grate
  • Rotisserie spit with motor
  • Bars for hanging Stewpots, Coffeepots, etc.
  • Height adjustable hinge-mounts for the above mentioned appliances, secured by locking pins
I’m all but a professional welder and my welds may bring tears to the eyes of the skilled, but until now at least nothing fell apart. I looking forward for the first test and I hope I’ll find the time this summer! Now it only misses some paint here and there and a handle for throwing it in the trash 馃檪