This is my Springlane™ “Henry” sous vide stick (it was a birthday present from my sister)! This was some time ago already and now I finally have the time to post an article on it…

First, that thing is large. In all the pictures that I had seen before, it looks rather small and handy but in reality it is 35 (!) cm long, so I first had to find a container that was high enough to fit 🙂

It comes with a mounting bracket to securely hold it on the pot’s rim and it has an easy- to-use touch display for various settings (temperature, treshold, timer). It is really easy to handle and when filling the pot with already fairly warm (tap-)water, it reaches the set temperature in no-time. The circulation system works well and steady. In my case, the internal thermometer differed by around 1 °C from my two control thermometers that I used for checking – which is not so much of a problem since there’s an easy way to re-calibrate it.

My 280g Rib Eye Steak turned out absolutely delicious, with no fuss and no effort at all. Great thing – thanks to my little sister (who knows that I’m an amateurish hobby cook) for giving it to me as a present!

More information on Sous vide cooking: