For when you get home from work and can’t really be arsed into much cooking 馃檪 This is ultra fast, extra simple and nonetheless filling.

You will want to have hands on:

– 180-220g of asian noodles (I really like and recommend these)
– 2 stalks of spring onion, chopped
– 2 tsp. garlic, minced (or already prepared, like this stuff)
– 2 tbsp. butter (be generous here)
– 2 tbsp. oyster sauce

– optional: 4-5 mu-err mushrooms, rehydrated and cut into strips
– Plus, any ingredient you like and have left in the fridge

As simple as it gets (I’ll try to make this effcient):

Set up a pot of water for the noodles, set up a sieve. While waiting for the water, chop up your spring onions and/or mushrooms.

Boil your noodles (this usually takes around 2-3 minutes only) and strain.

To the used pot, add 2 generous tablespoons of butter, garlic and spring onion and let become translucent. Throw in your mushrooms etc., stir and let them warm up. Last, add in the cooked noodles, the oyster sauce, stir again, and feast.