Yesterday I made the biggest batch of “Bratwurscht” ever since I’m doing this. It took me a whole afternoon, to grind meat, season, knead and fill into casings. Now I’ve got 2 types of sausages, ending up with 4,5 kg in total:

My Pork Sausages:


60% Pork belly 
40% lean Pork
Casings size 20/22 

Spices, per kg of meat: 
18 g Salt 
3 g freshly ground Pepper 
2 g Marjoram
1 g Coriander 
1 g Garlic powder
1 g Nutmeg 
1,5 g Sugar 


Beef Sausages:


75% Beef shoulder 
25% Pork belly 
Casings, size 20/22 

Spices, per kg of meat: 
16 g Salt
4 g freshly ground Pepper
2 g sweet Paprika 
3,5 g Garlic powder 
0,25 g dried Thyme
0,5 g Chili flakes (optional)