After the windows were upgraded, I wanted to change the old-fashioned door handles for newer and little discreeter ones. Changing door handles is also not a big deal – a little bit more complicated than the window handles, but not much of a challenge and not much work either. You’ll need some more tools – I strongly advise a power drill – and a little more time.

Step 1:

Open the Door and DO LOCK IT. You don’t want to end up caught in your own bathroom with the door fallen shut and no handle to open it again…

Step 2:

Unscrew the tiny holding screw on the underside of your old handles. This will release the handle from the square turning bar inside. Remove both handles and unscrew the old cover plates from the door.






Step 3:

Grab your new handle and insert the turning bar so far that you will end up with an equal length of it protruding from each side of the door when installed. Check by inserting it into the locking mechanism and adjusting the length accordingly. Secure the bar with the tiny locking screw on the underside.






Step 4:

Insert the first half of the handle into the door and fit the opposite half on the other side. Turn in the two upper screws. If the old screwholes don’t match you’ll want to do this with a power drill, pre-drilling a hole is not necessary with most doors. Do not tighten the screws all the way up at this moment. Align the covers as perfectly vertical as you can and check if the key turns smoothly. Turn in the lower screws (again using a power drill if necessary) and tighten everything. Check everything for smooth and easy handling. If everything is fine, tighten the second locking screw on the underside of the second handle and you’re done.