Everyone seems to repurpose old pallets, and I wanted to try that too. I couldn’t find a suitable couch for the location I wanted one for, I wanted it to be a cozy man-corner but also suitable for one person to spend a night on it. So I finally got hold of 2 well preserved pallets from a local transporting company and turned them into a couch. I’m still missing the cushions and a matress, but the basic work is done so far.

The materials list is short and inexpensive:

  • 2 well preserved “Europallets”, 80 x 120 cm (€ 20)
  • 7 furniture feet (€ 40)
  • LED – lighting (€ 20)
  • Screws, plates, etc. (€ 10, or already at hand)

Knocked up in about 30 minutes for a total cost of round about € 90 (you can do it for even less, saving on illumination and feet). The building process is super easy and can be seen on the images above. I expect to grab some cushions for an additional € 45 each and that’s it. Fitting perfectly, self-made and with a fancy illumination. Jihaaa!