So this is what was going on in the northern germany garden over the last few days: My SO (with a little external help) did the lion’s share and I only contributed the detail work, but: Slowly but surely things finally take shape:

  1. Discovered 10-year-old previously layouted walkways and enclosures under 15cm of piled-up mulch.
  2. Discovered a hidden plastered absolutely cool patio underneath the same piled-up mulch.
  3. Decluttered the wooden shed in the garden in order to store tools, wood and equipment and…
  4. …brought logs for growing mushrooms (someday, hopefully) to safety there.
  5. Made a makeshift compost pile beneath the shed.
  6. Piled up leftover wood and old tree segments for some clearance.
  7. Created a sitting area across from the terrace.
  8. Luckily, the lady of the house approves 馃檪