I felt like having been run through the wringer yesterday. Dizzy, wobbly, queasy, tired – you name it. And hungry as hell, so I made these. The recipes requires only a few ingredients, almost no work and a minimum of supervision. Oh, and it’s yummy.

Ingredients (for one):

– 150g short pasta (penne, fusili, etc.)
– 2 medium sized onions
– 2 cloves garlic
– 1 tbsp. lemon juice (to taste)
– Olive oil and butter
– Salt and Pepper to Taste


Cut up the onions into thin half-rings and the garlic into thin slices. In a pan on medium low heat (around “4” out of “10”) melt some olive oil and a knob of butter and add the onions.

Now comes the almost-no-maintenance-part: Let them caramelize sloooowly, which means let them fry for about 20 minutes to half an hour, stirring only occasionally. You want them soft, brown and almost creamy without getting charred.

10 minutes before the end, add the garlic and start cooking your pasta in a separate pot (mine took around 10 minutes to cook).

Tur up the heat under your pan to medium-high and add the pasta to your pan with the onions immediately. Add as much pasta water as you need to give everything a creamy consistence and season to taste with salt and pepper and a good dash of lemon juice.