I made a jig for sharpening my chisels now and then. It’s not a new idea, instead you can find tons of instructions on the net. This one is my approach:

The idea is to keep the chisel’s blade right angled and at the same time always at the same inclination to the surface in order to achieve maximum sharpness. So I made this jig with a right angle stopper that I can use with worn-out sanding belts. 30° is a good grinding angle for me. While this is not a super precise and professional contraption, it is perfectly functional and absolutely satisfies my needs. The construction itself is as self-explanatory as the usage, just have a look at the images. I hope you like the idea and prehaps even make your own.

Materials List:

2 pieces of scrap wood ~ 100 x 20 x 10 mm
2 shims, 20 x 20 x 2-3 mm
2 brackets, 40 x 20 mm
2 bolts, M8 x 50
2 bolts, M8 x 20
2 wing nuts, M8
2 self securing Nuts, M8
2 washers, M8
2 ball bearings, M8, dia ~ 20 mm