It’s cold and damp outside, its wet and it’s ugly: It’s flu weather. So, in an outstanding attempt to proctect me and herself from the elements, mean viruses and nasty bugs, my wife made some ginger-lemon-lemonade, aka “ginger shots”.

Packed with vitamin-c and the many beneficial components of fresh ginger, we are now armed and ready for battle against the common cold. One shot each in the morning! Here’s the recipe:


300 g fresh ginger, cut into fine slices
5 lemons, juice and peel
200 g honey
100 g brown sugar
1 l water



Peel the lemons so you only get the aromatic, yellow part – avoid the whites – and set aside. Rinse the ginger and cut into fine slices, no need to peel. Squeeze the lemons and mix the juice with the honey. Set aside too.

Heat the water in a pot and simmer the lemon zests and ginger slices over low heat for about 20 minutes. Take off the heat and strain through a sieve. Let this liquid cool down. You can discard ginger and lemon zest now, but from my experience the ginger is still good for another batch. So just set it up with water and fresh lemon zest again and let it simmer for just about 5-10 minutes more (just give it a taste).

Now thoroughly mix in your your lemon-honey-mixture, stirring, and add sugar to taste (as much as you like).

Store in the fridge in a sealed, clean glass bottle.

This is good stuff! Plus, your kitchen will smell amazing!