In times of the Corona-Virus outbreaks all over the world, everybody is recommended to pay close attention to hand hygiene. Up to now, hand disinfectant solutions are still available without any problems here where I live, but I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick up how to make some on my own in case of a shortage. Doing some research, I stumbled upon the WHO’s official formulation, which you can also download here. There are two versions published, but I’ll concentrate on one of them exemplary. Here’s the recipe:


Ingredients (makes 1 l):

• 830 ml Ethanol (96%)
• 42 ml Hydrogen peroxide (3%)
• 15 ml Glycerol (98%)
• 100 ml cold Water (previously boiled)

Mix ethanol, hydrogen peroxide and glycerol in a jar, then add the water. Mix thoroughly and fill into a sterilzed, sealable bottle or dispenser.

Some sources state that the glycerol can be left out, since it’s “only” for skin care. Otherwise the alcohol will dry out the skin by degreasing it. In this case you might want to have some moisturizing lotion handy after using the disinfectant.

Keep out of the reach of children – Only for external use – Avoid eye contact!