This simple, yet flavourful recipe for chinese Scallion Oil Noodles is taken from here and as usual, I adapted it a little bit. I highly recommend to try it out! It’s easy and veeery delicious.

Ingredients for one:

– 3 tbsp. cooking oil
– 2 stalks scallion, cut into 1″ lengths
– 250g noodles (chinese egg-noodles, or ramen-like)

Seasoning sauce:
– 1 tbsp. oyster sauce
– 1 tsp. soy sauce, or to taste
– 1 tsp. sugar (optional!)


Heat up a wok with the cooking oil to medium, add the scallions and stir continuously with the spatula. Let the scallions infuse the oil until it’s aromatic and until they become moderately burned. Turn off the heat and set the scallion oil aside.

Mix the seasoning sauce. Heat up a pot of water and cook the noodles. The noodles should be cooked through but still be somewhat firm and springy (somewhat “al dente”). Drain the noodles and transfer into a serving bowl.

Add the scallion oil (including some or all of the crisp scallions) and seasoning sauce into the noodles. Using chopsticks, toss the noodles to blend well with the scallion oil and the sauce. Serve immediately.