When you have small parts that need routing (trimming edges, making groves, etc.), it is easier to have the router fixed and move the workpiece rather than doing it the other way round. So a small and easily detachable router table is a decent solution, but:

DO USE CAUTION when working with an appliance like this since the router bit spins openly with no guard or any protection. RISK OF INJURY! KEEP YOUR HANDS AT DISTANCE!


Problem is, most routers come with dual switches as a safety feature: You have to push two buttons simultaneously in order for it to turn on wich makes it awkward to install under a table. Not so my trusty Makita RT0700CX2J! It’s got a single switch and it’s a sturdy, reliable workhorse for me. The table design is as simple as it can be, with no stopbar or dust collection, and it’s only intended for use with small parts