We’re planning to arrange a party for the immediate neighbourhood in the northern germany refuge because they’ve all been great people to us and we want to give something back. If this works out, I want to make a big pot of chili over the open fire for everyone. Best done in a big dutch oven over the “Fassl“, so here’s the tripod that I made for this occasion:










The construction was (obviously) very easy. Three steel tubes, 2 meters long and with a 10 mm diamater each got an eye bolt welded to one side. Through these eyelets goes a bolt, holding them together and providing space for an S-hook to hang a chain to.

At 50 cm from the top I added small bolt hooks that take up another chain connecting the rods to each other and to keep everything together when set up. That’s it. I’m looking forward to the party.

(I can only show the tripod in the photos here, since the “Fassl” is in the northern germany refuge.)