I sort of inherited an old fire extinguisher from the previous owner of our northern germany dwelling. Expired and last tested in 2002 it was standing in the corner mostly unnoticed, but now, after almost three years I decided to put it to use. What better afterlife use could there be for a fire extinguisher than to become a fire place 馃檪

I want that thing to become a combination of a wood-fired wok burner and a cozy little patio oven, so I fell for a design featuring a fire grate, of course a door and brackets for the wok to sit on. Additionally, it’ll have a cap for use as a heater. After unspectacularly emptying the thing into a bucket I marked it up, got the angle grinder and began. I don’t know what these guys coat their extinguishers with, but getting rid of the paint was such an ordeal that I finally decided to simply burn it off.


And not even that really worked… 馃檪 If I should ever want to bullet proof something I will use fire-extinguisher paint. Anyway and as usual, as one can see my welder and I will probably never become the closest of friends but I appreciate every occasion to practice and at least I assume I’m sloooowly getting better.

Part II to follow as I proceed.